Scope 2 Scape

Garden Transformation Project, Ormskirk

With a sizeable plot situated on a hillside, the existing garden had minimum useable outdoor space as a result of the severe incline proximity.

Our brief was twofold as follows:

1. Main Terrace Area

To carve out a sizeable terrace area to a sweeping design linking in a separate sunken area for a summer house.

Install natural stone paving and construct retaining wall using an antique facing brick incorporating lighting.

Source and facilitate erection of summer house and flow paving up to and surround.

2. Small Contemporary Seating Area

Again an area unused with potential, the customer was looking for a separate area with a more modern vibe, this sub project involved:

Raising and retaining ground to a construction level

Constructing a curved brick wall plus pier using the same antique facing brick to link both projects and providing a distinctive entrance.

Installing a modern red cedar timber screen as contemporary backdrop to seating area.

Installing a modern midnight blue slate surface.